/Why We Exist

Federal Contracting used to be a mission-focused culture; teams worked together to support our nation. We took pride in our work. It had prestige. It felt good.Over the last 10 years, it has somehow transformed into a “butts-in-seats” culture, where employees are simply treated like numbers. As a result, the focus is on logging hours instead of delivering quality work; this is truly a lose-lose situation.

IC-1 Solutions was founded on the vision to break this cycle.

IC-1 Solutions is a company that TRULY puts it’s people first – employees and customers.

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/How We Operate

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IC-1 Solutions’ vision is to offer true innovation and world-class service to the Federal Government, to improve our nation and our communities. Too many companies these days are “pandering”: Side-stepping their core capabilities, vision and values to earn revenue. At IC-1 we don’t have to compete for “low-bid” or “butts in seats” contracts – we only do the most advanced work. IC-1 is the “Special Forces” of federal contracting – and when IC-1 Solutions is on the job, our customers see the difference. We don’t settle for “Acceptable” – we deliver “Excellent”. It’s not luck, it’s our process.
IC-1 Solutions intentionally does not have an extensive board of directors to show profits to – instead, we have the freedom to invest that back into our people – and that’s exactly what we do.


Many companies in the Federal Contracting community don’t really listen to the Engineers – they just shove them in a desk, and bill the government.  At IC-1 Solutions, we’ve established a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen more rapidly and reliably. Our Management team smashes-through the normal obstacles, politics and stovepipes that have become standard in Federal Contracting. Everything we do is designed to empower our top engineers to be as creative, innovative and productive as possible. IC-1 Solutions also offers an innovative and trail-blazing IRAD program to rapidly turn our Engineers’ ideas into Solutions.


At IC-1, we have systems and processes in place to ensure our Engineers get world-class engagement and development. We have developed two proprietary tools to support this vision: ICY-Labs, a custom, in-house training lab that focuses on the most advanced and sought-after technologies in the Industry, and IC-Delivery Pro a state of the art tool that eliminates the broken “Annual Performance Review” process, and offers a “Fluid Feedback” process to ensure we foster a culture of excellence, not redundant wastes of manpower.


IC-1 holds in-person events, every month. We host industry events, IC-1 Solutions team-building events, and strategy sessions with our Engineers. Regardless of the format, we host employee events every month to bring our company together. This is the most effective way to communicate our objectives, and allow employees to “speak-up” about ways to innovate. Bringing everyone together is a lost-art of real team-work, and it’s a powerful tool in building a truly amazing place to work.



/Who We Are

Ross O’Rourke

Ross O’Rourke is the CEO of IC-1 Solutions. A visionary-leader, he aims to bring mission-focus back into the business of Federal Contracting.

Growing up in an underprivileged household and unable to afford college, Ross enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he was quickly called to serve in one of the largest offensive assaults in U.S. military history in Fallujah, Iraq. Although he suffered injuries during his term resulting in a Service Disability from the Office of Veterans Affairs, he counts his blessings every day for the opportunity to experience life.

Ross has since completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business with a focus on Federal Contracts and Acquisitions from D.C.’s own, Strayer University – to become a first-generation college graduate in his family.

Prior to IC-1 Solutions, Ross was a Director at a large business, Salient CRG where he oversaw delivery of all Intelligence Community and DoD service contracts. Then, from 2012 – 2016, Ross led the growth of a small company from 2 employees to nearly 200. During that time, Ross successfully captured over 20 programs and developed the Standard Operating Procedures for Program Management and contract execution. By putting his people first for many years, Ross has forged deep relationships within the Intelligence Community and Federal Contracting community.

In his free time, Ross enjoys fitness and outdoor activities. Ross is an avid reader, and averages 1-3 books a month- always non-fiction, usually related to business, leadership or personal growth – next time you see him, ask him what he’s reading!


Erin Jones

Erin is IC-1 Solution’s Vice President of Operations, leading the Human Resources, Finance, Security, and Contracts departments.

Erin served as a United States Marine for 5 years, including three deployments to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon the completion of her service, Erin become the Facility Security Officer of Salient CRG, where she oversaw all aspects of Security in support of a vast array of clients including agencies from Department of Defense, Federal Civilian, and the Intelligence Community. She then started with a small company where she oversaw all Security, HR, Finance and Contracts related actions, as the company grew from 4 employees to nearly 200.

Having worked for both large and small businesses, Erin truly understands the importance of streamlining business operations to support mission accomplishment. Her philosophy on HR, Security and Contracts is simply stated – Excellence in Service. Erin is passionate about ensuring that IC-1’s employees and customers are well taken care of; it’s not just a Core Value to her – it’s a way of life!

Erin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from American Military University and is currently pursuing her MBA. Always up for an adventure in her spare time Erin enjoys traveling with her husband and experiencing new people, places and cultures. Her favorite trip has been a three-week backpacking trip across Scotland (no group tours here – just her, her husband and an old school map). She is also active in her community, volunteering at the local fire department and letting her love for animals shine by supporting the local SPCA.

Justice Chase

Justice Chase is the Director of R&D at IC-1 Solutions, and oversees our Independent Research and Development Projects (IRADS). Justice has over 25 years of progressive technical experience  with over 15 years experience within the IC community. Before IC-1 Solutions, Justice worked with a multi-billion dollar defense contractor, where he used his knowledge of cyber operations and technical leadership to meet the needs of the IC’s most dynamic offensive and defensive measures. Justice spearheaded the development of trade secrets that are currently, widely-used within the IC today.

At IC-1 Solutions, Justice continues to support the IC community. Using his extensive experience in technical leadership Justice provides guidance to new IRADs – helping our Engineers turn ideas into products.

Justice holds a degree in Computer Science from Rutgers, is a Certified Ethical Hacker, and Certified Ethereum Developer, but he continues to learn with courses in management, training and technology.

In his free time, Justice enjoys learning new technologies, discussing science fiction with his trekkie wife and being the personal chef for their four-legged child.

Core Values

Take Care of People

Take Care of People

Unlike many companies, where it’s all about “the bottom line”, IC-1 believes in working together to help each other grow personally and professionally. We strive to nurture an environment where every employee is empowered and appreciated. If it comes down to losing a customer, losing an employee, or losing profit - that’s an easy choice for us - we put our people first. Period.

Be Excellent at What You Do

If you are going to achieve excellence in large matters, you must develop the habit in little matters. At IC-1 Solutions, excellence is a prevailing attitude, no matter how small or big the task.

Be Excellent at What You Do
Be Candid

Be Candid

The only way to work towards a common goal is to have transparency across the organization, so we insist on talking about ways to continually improve. We encourage candid communication in all areas of the company– even if it’s uncomfortable.

Don’t Make Excuses

Improvise, adapt and get the job done. Never walk away until the job is done; ALWAYS deliver.

Don’t Make Excuses
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