IC-1 EVENT: Bowling, March 30th

IC-1 Solutions is committed to holding in-person events, every month. Regardless of the format, these gatherings bring our company together.  Bringing everyone together is a lost-art of real team-work, and it’s a powerful tool in building a truly amazing place to work.

Our March 2018 event is a takeover of Pinstripes in Georgetown for a night of bowling with the IC-1 crew!  The ultimate luxury bowling experience – leather couches, full menu and no stinky bowling shoes! IC-1 Solutions employees and dates can come bowl from 5pm – 7pm, with food and drinks on the house.  Prize for top score of the night (min 150)!


At Ic-1 Solutions, it’s more than just a job – it’s about getting the most out of life, living with purpose and finding passion in what you do.  That’s why we exist.  We’re happy to celebrate our success with the men and women to our left and right, every month.  See you then!

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