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Many federal contracting companies know how to “talk the talk” when writing proposals; they know how to write technical volumes… they know how to “price to win”. However, upon award of a contract, why do these companies provide different, (less qualified) people than they bid? Why do the companies fail to deliver the right people, for the most challenging positions?   In an attempt to save-face and bill-hours, they place inexperienced staff on the job – not what was promised in their perfect proposals.

IC-1 Solutions has a proprietary, industry-leading approach to contract delivery.


"IC-1 Delivery Operations"


recruit-methodSourcing, Engaging, Hiring and Retaining the “impossible to find” candidates is our specialty. We don’t hire basic HR people to recruit our best talent; we hire veterans and then certify them in our proprietary recruitment Methodology, “IC-1 Delivery Operations”. Our Delivery Operations Methodology has consistently proven to outperform both small and large companies’ recruiting capabilities.


IC-Solutions Ops 2IC-1 has developed a process for managing the delivery to our contracts. We hold daily, Delivery Operations SCRUMs to ensure our staff is effectively delivering, at lightening-speed. When a customer sees our logo, they can trust that there will be no back outs, no last-minute surprises, no problems. If you can’t track it, you can’t manage it! We keep detailed metrics on our recruiting activity and results.


IC-1 Solutions Ops 3IC-1 invested in a custom, state-of-the art Applicant Tracking and Onboarding System. Our ATS allows us to mine data about the Labor Force, and access it at the click of a button. We store data on the wants and needs of the best people, which allows us to match them to jobs more quickly and effectively than any of our competitors. Our industry-leading onboarding process enables us to onboard employees in a fraction of the time as the industry average.

All our systems are in line with DCAA standards!

Back Office Support

At IC-1 Solutions, our mission-focused responsiveness does not stop at Delivery Operations. Our industry-leading accounting and invoicing systems give us the ability to provide the data our customers need with the click of a button. We pride ourselves in “same-day-turnaround” on NDAs, PIAs, TA’s, Pricing-Drills, and RFIs.

Customer Service

IC-1 Solutions views customer service as a philosophy to be embraced by every employee of the company, recognizing that there are both external and internal customers. We pride ourselves on patience, attentiveness, clear communication, and positive language when executing even the most complex of tasks for our customers.

We truly are, people people.