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We are committed to being the best employer in the Federal Contracting community by offering each of our employees the opportunity to grow, where other companies try to limit them into just one role. No employee of IC-1 will ever be limited to just one position. We have a clear model to offer every employee progression in every aspect of their lives.

IC-1 Culture

Orientation at IC-1

Orientation is the first opportunity for employees to learn about our company, our customers and our business. Your not just a butt-in-a-seat, contractor – you’re part of this company! At orientation, employees sit with our internal staff to discuss in detail how to leverage IC-1 to hit your professional, and personal goals. We discuss systems, processes, customers and set our people up for success.

Partner vs. Employee

IC-1 Solutions innovative and trail-blazing employee incentive program allows our Engineers to participate in business development activities, and the compensation plans associated with them! At IC-1 Solutions Orientation, we empower our staff with all the resources they need to contribute to company growth. If any Engineers take action that leads to growth, we offer profit sharing. At IC-1 Solutions, we’ll never limit our employees professional and financial growth – we’ll encourage it.

Constant Engagement

Many companies in the Federal Contracting community don’t really listen to the Engineers – they just shove them in a desk and bill the government. Engineers are closest to the customers, closest to the mission and closest to the solution, so we empower our employees to speak up… and we listen!

A Real Company

Bringing everyone together is a lost-art of real team-work, and it’s a powerful tool in building a truly amazing place to work. IC-1 holds in-person events, every month. We’re known for renting out entire theaters for IC-1 Solutions-only showings of new Star Wars premiers, or perhaps bringing in scientist from DARPA to give lectures on the newest technologies? Regardless of the format, we host an event, every month.

Never Print, Scan or Fax a company document, ever again

How could you trust a company to build your IT applications when they’re still using a fax machine that was created in 1924? It’s the 21st century, we use the CLOUD for that stuff now.***

(Some security forms don’t apply – government’s rules, not ours).



Medical / Dental / Vision:

We selected top ranking PPO and HMO plans through CareFirst, Blue Cross Blue Shield. The best part is, it costs you nothing! IC-1 pays 100% of the premiums for employees and families. We want our employees to be able to focus on the mission, not deductibles and premiums.


401K Contribution:

Immediately vested 6%, dollar for dollar match. Upfront and straight-forward, always. No wait time, no hidden terms and conditions.



Year one 3 weeks, year two 4 weeks, year three and beyond 5 weeks. You only get one life – work yourself into a place where you can really enjoy it. Exceptions available for senior hires.


Short Term / Long Term Disability Insurance:

IC-1 Solutions has ST and LT disability that covers our staff for up to 60% of their income for disabilities that cause them to miss work. This is a 100% employer-paid benefit, and costs our employees nothing.


Federal Holidays:

10 paid. You may float any holiday within the same month unless you are unable to access your work location due to closure.



5K a year for certifications, tuition and conferences. Excellence is demanded, so growth is supported.


Health and Wellness Budget:

IC-1 Solutions believes the mind/body relationship should be respected, therefore you will receive $500.00 a year for ergonomic chairs, gym memberships, or other things that keep you as healthy as possible.


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