ICY-Labs offers training labs that prepare you for real, customer-facing jobs. We remove the fluff and filler to focus only on the real skills you’ll need.

Unlike other training on the market, ICY-Labs offers “Labs”, not “PowerPoints” or “Videos”. Our approach creates muscle memory, which means you will finish our training with a new proficiency that you can put on your resume.

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ICY-Labs isn’t just training. It’s experience.


recruit-methodWhen supporting the most technical, and demanding IT projects in the world, you must come equipped. Our courses guarantee that you get the experience you need for real-life, customer-facing jobs.


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Many training companies sell overpriced (and ineffective) training. They offer three options:
1. “Death by PowerPoint”
2. “Long-boring videos”
3. “Drink from a firehose”, or “bootcamp” style in-person classes
These options are also not effective in ensuring you master the technology.Overpriced training is a waste of time and money.


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The best way to learn is to DO. At ICY-Labs, our courses are hands-on “labs” where you do more than watch videos and read articles. Our method is proven to ensure you walk away, with the skills you need in the real-world.