/What We Do

IC-1 Solutions focuses on building, automating, updating and delivering better IT solutions. We understand what it means to develop in a mission-oriented environment where time is critical and excellence is required.

At IC-1 Solutions, we’ve established a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen more rapidly and reliably. Our Management team smashes-through the normal obstacles, politics and stovepipes that have become the norm in Federal Contracting. We have the best Engineers in the community – at IC-1 we empower them to innovate, create and deliver!

CLOUD Engineering and Development


IC-1 Solutions are the industry-experts at end-to-end, secure AWS Development and Engineering. From Architecture to Development, we build enterprise-wide systems from the bottom-up, or modify and migrate legacy systems into a cloud or hybrid-cloud environments.

Cyber Security Engineering

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Many companies squabble for the low-bid “cyber analyst” contracts, where the “excitement” only happens as junior staff raise their hands in the rare instance they see something suspicious, after staring at screens of network traffic for hours on end…

But here at IC-1 Solutions, we dive deep – into the code, into the kernels and drivers, into the innermost workings of modern security systems, teasing out their secrets. We peek into the inner lives of the most sophisticated malware and divine knowledge from disassembly. We pursue our adversaries’ capabilities, seek to understand them through data systems, and hunt them across cyberspace. We’re after the High Value Targets.

We are the industry-experts at discovering vulnerabilities, exploiting software, and building tools to help keep these critical networks and information systems safe and secure.

Big Data Development and ETL

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Developing software and systems that pull from multi-petabyte size data sets, has its own challenges that need to be properly accounted for. This is where IC-1 Solutions employs the Hadoop ecosystem (Pig, Hive, MapReduce, Spark), or ETL tools such as NiFi, Pentaho and Twister to engineer a truly effective solution. In some cases, Machine Learning algorithms need to be developed for maximum automation. This is a core capability of IC-1 Solutions.

Mission Systems Deployment

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Once systems are built, we have special teams to deploy them – even to hazardous locations around the world. In these situations, IT resources are not always readily available; this is why our Mission Systems Deployers have to know how to do a little bit of everything. Python scripting, Linux and Windows, Networking, Satellite communications… When lives are literally at stake – we make sure our government can communicate reliably.


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When development, testing, release, improvements and automation are all happening simultaneously, a special set of skills is required. Our Administrators need to know how to script/code, and our developers need to know how to keep the systems up! DEVOPS is a specialty of IC-1 Solutions, we employ Tools such as Salt, Puppet, Chef in “continuous build” environments such as Travis, Jenkins/Hudson, with PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB.